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A 2020 Project

  • Branding System
  • Packaging Design

Case Study


The Challenges

This project challenge was to imagine a product that "bring back the magic of sleep to the modern life." In addition to that, the key concept was to associate the magic of dreams to sleep-aiding / sleep-enhancing products that are organic and suitable for day-to-day use. Thus, Shleep was born. An attempt to help sheep-counting humans find their good night sleep. Through an online subscription service, Shleep deliver a Shleep Kit and refills-on-request every month that feature organic and natural ingredients.

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Project Goals

  • A magical experience

    The playful and mystical experience of a classical story-book should be recreated and modernize

  • Soothing to the eyes

    The core brand must create a sense of peacefulness to the audience.

  • Organic ingredients

    This project must highlight the natural ingredients from each product as a important selling-point.

Goal Targets

The journey

Low-level System

The logo mark focused on the typography (featuring a hard, quirky serif) and a symbol eye-lash-like mark that represent sleep, tea-drops and the half-crescent moon

The color thus follow suit, showcasing a wide range of hues (lavender,teal,mustard, and pearl white) that pop but remains soothing to the eyes.

The main illustration also feature the brand's mascot sleeping, and a whole range of organic plants and herbs, suggesting a mystical amd magical experience.

Shleep Logo and color system
Shleep typography system
Shleep key illustration
Shleep supporting illustration
Shleep Kit front and back view

The packaging for the kit is envisoned to be a kind of magical story-book, and open like a book. As such, the copy is crafted to look like text from a classic book, with a adventure-book voice and set a magical tone. The product boxes are inspired from illuminated manualscript with boxed-in flourishes and decorations. Working together, they form a cohesive system that suggest discovery and exploration of the packaging.

Shleep packaging opening
Shleep content close-up
Shleep Kit opened overview
Shleep product box close-up Shleep product boxes flying
Shleep products in grid Shleep product details
Shleep product boxes stacked

Individual Product box

Each product feature a key illustration that highlight the ingredient, which is also echoed by a simplified line-art when the box is opened.

The name of the product is stylized: "The Salt of Lavender" for Lavender bath-bomb or "Cottoned peace" for cotton earplugs.

The typography and composition is minimal and simple to not only clarify the content but also create contrast against the other packaging system.

Shleep Silk Sleeping Mask
Shleep Cotton Wax Earplug
Shleep Lavender Epsom Salt
Shleep tea boxes
Shleep Passionflower Tea box and tea packages
Shleep Valarien Root Tea box emptied
Shleep Kit all components

The Conclusion

The final result is a cohesive system that bespeak the magical experience of sleep and frame the product in an interesting narrative that captivates and invites the audience for a sleepful adventure.

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