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A 2020 Project

  • Motion Graphics

Case Study


The Challenges

Love Death Robot is a Netflix original anthropology animated series set in a distant (sci-fi) future, all inspired by the 1981 sci-fi film Heavy Metal. This project aim to create a different (more typographyic) take on the show's very stylistic intro and create a sequence that reflect all show interesting self-contained stories.

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Project Goals

  • Sci-fi Punk Inspired

    This new intro should preserve the show's signature cyberpunk aesthestics and show off the show's glitchy style.

  • Typographic Experiments

    This new revised intro should focus on typography and its ability to express each story featured in the series.

  • Excitingly mysterious

    The intro should show the show's variety in stories but also give the viewer a bigger picture of the common themes of the series.

Goal Targets

The journey

The process

This intro is inspired by intros like that of Stranger Things, with its 80s aesthetic and thrilling build-up.

Each of the episode' names in the show is encapsulate in a square animated composition that reflect the episodes' theme of play or the text itself.

The sound of this intro is also mixed by me using royalty-free music to create a unique sci-fi soundscape that build up over time to the final reveal.

The Conclusion

I really enjoy the end result, and working with After Effects on something I love was a really fun and insightful experience.

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