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A 2020 Project

  • Editorial Design
  • Wayfinding

The Challenges

The challenge for this project is create a visual wayfinding guide to the Historic District of Philadelphia. It must embodies the sensibility and spirit of the district in an interesting and captivating manner. The end result is Find Found Founded – a map and tour book hybrid that engages the audience with a mix of historic collaging and urban atmosphere.

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Project Goals

  • Find your own adventure

    The map / tour book is crafted such that it create a choose-your-own-adventure experience that ask the audience to find their own found history.

  • Historically Urban

    The project utilizes photo collage taken on-site and mix them with images of the nearby urban landscape to create a unique atmosphere.

  • Typographically Experimental

    This project stretch and play with the limitation of typography using a variety of interesting techiniques and layout that create a dynamic experience.

Goal Targets

The journey

A foldable map and guide book

The experimental format feature a pocket-sized map with a guide book attached to the middle, so you can view both at once and engage the content interestingly.

And the graphic system also play with this format, wrapping and connecting visually to create a changing & dynamic visual landscape.

The typography uses old typefaces and black-letter to evoke a historic spirit and blend that with the modern Philadelphia urban environment seamlessly.

Front cover of Find Found Founded
Find Found Founded open view
Brochure unfolded with full map
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Brochure spread page 6
Brochure closeup page 3 Brochure spread page 14 Brochure spread page 13 Brochure spread page 4
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The Conclusion

The collage of historic artifact and urban environment create a unique experience in this dynamic and engaging pocket-sized brochure.

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